No one much likes to talk about traffic accidents, especially when that talk is reduced to morbid statistics like “deaths per million registrations.”

So forgive us, but we thought it might be of interest to note that many Ford vehicles – and especially F-Series trucks – score comparatively well per capita in terms of driver lives lost at the wheel. Drawing from the results of an IIHS report released last Thursday, website reports that several variations of the 2011-2014 Ford F-150 placed near the top in the expansive “large pickup” segment, while the Ford F-350 Super Duty SuperCrew 4WD finished at the very top, with just 13 driver deaths per million 2011-2014 trucks registered.

The Ford Expedition, Explorer, and Escape also had relatively few driver deaths per million registrations in their respective segments.

“We are glad to see strong results for F-150, Explorer, Expedition and Escape,” said Ford Spokesperson Elizabeth Weigandt of the results. “Ford is committed to advancing safety technologies and crash performance to help our customers stay safe on the road.”

The IIHS report looked only at vehicles from model years 2011 through 2014, with 100,000 or more registrations in the US. The segment average for pickups was 26 deaths per million, while the average for SUVs was 21 per million. The passenger car segment had the highest overall average, with 39 driver deaths per million registrations. Passenger deaths were not observed by the report.


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